Made Bespoke for You

Nordoor composite doors are only manufactured with the highest quality products. The advanced modern technology offered from our suppliers, with strong and advanced manufacturing ensures that each door is finished to the highest specification on the market.

Timber Core Information

The main product of a Nordoor is a solid timber core, which has been manufactured specifically for each of our composite doors.

Quality controls and checks are carried out on the grading, dimensions and moisture content and appropriate controls are applied throughout the production process.

Each finish is subjected to a visual inspection and regular tests are carried out to determine the strength and bond of the core.

Designed to Achieve European Technical Approvals.
A Wood-based material for use in structural members.
This Product has been assessed in accordance with BS 5268-2 :1996 in a service class 1 or 2 environment.
Achieves compliance in the Building Regulations 1994 B2, D1, E4 and E6.

Cool Skin Information

The outer layers of a Nordoor comprises of a Heat reflective Door Skin, with a unique and exclusive rigid based foil, it is weather able, durable and incorporates pigmentation technology. The outer skin matches all available grains and foils in the market presently.

These products exhibit a comprehensive technical advantage over products currently being used in the market. Advantages are:

  • scratch resistant
  • abrasion resistant
  • minimized heat absorption
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Highly Weather able
  • Exact match to existing windows and to door frames
  • BBA Accreditation
  • specified under BS ISO EN Manufacturing controls

All Items have been tested by BBA for performance

Glazing and Cassettes

Every glass unit is made bespoke to the client’s requirements, with a triple glazed unit fitted in glazed doors, each unit adheres to  BSI (B/520 and B/538), CEN (TC33 and TC129) and ISO (TC 160).

Units are completed with a Door Glass Cassette, which features Classic Crown mounding, a system that is designed and tested to withstand extreme temperatures.

Profile used on the cassette compliments a variety of colours and match perfectly to each door colour. The Optimized rib structure improves frame stiffness and design and pressure performance.


Meets PAS 23/34 Manual intervention test.

Hardware Information

Each Nordoor is finished and set off with specially selected high-quality hardware, with long-lasting finishes, proven strength and reliability, our hardware will stand the test of time with your door.

Our Range of handles are from a superior range, which have been rigorously pull tested up to 100kg, and have been independently tested to the latest British Standards, including BS EN 1670:2007 and BS EN 1906:2012.
The smart design features include a clip on cover to conceal any screws, for a sleeker finish, and ranges come in 2 Backplate sizes – 220mm and 240mm for a lever/ lever option.

Our Stainless steel pull bars combine stylish design, with long-lasting finishes, also tested to the latest British Standards BS EN 1670:2007 and BS EN 1906:2012.

Our Hardware range comes with 12 months warranty as standard.